Driver Standings Details

1+1Vince Kramer2290017531117540.053
2-1Dennis Turner223-6-6148813142189.000
4--BOB DILLON199-30-1118101118431.036
7--Charlie York167-62-61600916653.000
9--R Merritts Sr98-131-872377055.857
10--Jeff Trowbridge28-201-70201121none
12-1Rick Turcic25-204030013354.500

Season Statistics

Statistic Date Track Stat Value
Cautions - Least Apr 22 Orange County Fairgrounds Speedway 0
Cautions - Most Apr 29 Devil's Bowl Texas (DIRT) 9
Finish Margin - Closest May 06 BRISTOL MOTOR SPEEDWAY 00.199s
Finish Margin - Largest Apr 15 New York State Fairgrounds 08.525s
Most Cars Out Mar 04 Eldora Speedway 7
Most Cars Running Feb 11 BRISTOL MOTOR SPEEDWAY 8
Most Leaders Jun 24 Fayetteville Speedway 5
Qualify Fastest Speed Jun 24 Fayetteville Speedway 998.269mph
Qualify Slowest Speed Jul 01 Hales Corners Speedway (DIRT) 97.741mph
Race Fastest Average Speed Apr 22 Orange County Fairgrounds Speedway 949.028mph
Race Fastest Time Jun 24 Fayetteville Speedway 0h 13m 26.828s
Race Slowest Average Speed Feb 18 Canandaigua Speedway 49.706mph
Race Slowest Time Apr 29 Devil's Bowl Texas (DIRT) 0h 36m 32.544s


Race Schedule
Race NameDateTrackRankPoleSpeedWinnerSpeedTimeFunctionsNotes
Season OpenerFeb 11Bristol 2001 WKC (Dirt)OKDennis Turner120.135R Merritts Sr60.4600h 31m 44.192s
Race 2Feb 18CanandaiguaNot RankedVince Kramer112.275R Merritts Sr49.7060h 21m 2.371s
Race 3Feb 25Knoxville Raceway 2011Not Ranked
Race 4Mar 04Eldora Speedway 2016Not RankedVince Kramer141.733Vince Kramer65.6260h 27m 25.681s
Race 5Mar 11BoneCrusherOKR Merritts Sr111.269Crabby96.1780h 23m 25.516s
Race 6Mar 18Langhorne_DirtNot RankedVince Kramer171.592Dennis Turner122.2200h 19m 38.208s
Race 7Mar 25LernervilleNot RankedVince Kramer131.224Dennis Turner95.4700h 23m 34.055s
Race 8Apr 01CedarburgNot RankedDennis Turner240.723Dennis Turner123.2370h 29m 12.722s
Race 9Apr 08Chili Bowl WKCNot RankedDennis Turner314.493Dennis Turner196.4670h 16m 11.158s
Race 10Apr 15N.Y. State FairOKDennis Turner112.701Dennis Turner94.8290h 25m 18.517s
Race 11Apr 22MiddletownNot RankedDennis Turner972.029Jeff Trowbridge949.0280h 18m 58.008s
Race 12Apr 29Devil's Bowl TXNot RankedDennis Turner247.508Dennis Turner131.3540h 36m 32.544s
Race 13May 06Bristol 2001 WKC (Dirt)OKDennis Turner120.657Vince Kramer103.9080h 18m 27.978s
Race 14May 13BoneCrusherOKGhostDriver139.859Crabby106.4770h 21m 9.573s
Race 15May 20Volusia Speedway Park02016Pretty GoodDennis Turner122.498Dennis Turner96.4560h 22m 12.412s
Race 16May 27Syracuse NightNot RankedCrabby127.335Dennis Turner107.9310h 21m 7.481s
Race 17Jun 03N.Y. State FairOKVince Kramer111.063Vince Kramer98.0280h 21m 25.346s
Race 18Jun 10DuQuoin 2016Not RankedBOB DILLON135.634Crabby98.0210h 21m 25.436s
Race 19Jun 17LernervilleNot Ranked
Race 20Jun 24Fayetteville WKCNot RankedGhostDriver998.269Crabby678.2130h 13m 26.828s
Race 21Jul 01Hales Corners WKCExcellentR Merritts Sr97.741R Merritts Sr62.9270h 24m 18.822s
Race 22Jul 08Springfield 2016Not Ranked
Race 23Jul 15MiddletownNot Ranked
Race 24Jul 22Eldora Speedway 2016Not Ranked
Race 25Jul 29Williams GroveNot Ranked
Race 26Aug 05Bristol 2001 WKC (Dirt)OK

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    By cenzo


    I personally am rapidly losing interest...getting wrecked all the time and spending 50 percent of the time under caution is really not fun... seems people forget wtf they are doing and how to im not going to be wasting my time ...theres no excuse and no reason for it...its different yes.. but not simple tired of racing and getting told sorry because people forget what a brake and gas pedal is

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    By Richard_Hildebrandt

    Re:Winter Series Champion

    Congrats to Crabby for WINNING the 2020 Winter LMDR Championship

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    By GhostDriver

    Re:Bristol dirt track issue

    I am able to run on the track in Test Session but if I try to run a single race against AI cars it says it cant load track! any ideas why?